Hydropower at Fonthill

A new hydropower scheme has recently been installed at the lake at Fonthill. This new venture allows us to generate up to 20 kilowatts of green electricity simply from the natural source of the water in the lake.  This is enough power to supply about 10 standard houses. The electricity is used on the estate to pump water to the reservoir, with the surplus power being  fed back into the grid.

A pipe takes water from the lake at its south eastern corner, and carries it to the hydro turbine in the new building by the stream below the lake. The turbine is a Crossflow type, manufactured in Somerset by Ecowave. The complete project was managed by Potential Energy Projects also based in Somerset.

Extensive work has been carried out with the Environment Agency to ensure that the ecology and wildlife habitat of the lake and its surroundings is not damaged or altered by the scheme.  The turbine has a sophisticated computer based control system, which ensures that a flow is maintained down the cascade at all times.