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Fonthill Farms are managed by Velcourt Ltd under a contract farming agreement. They consist of 3800 acres of calcareous silty loam with a top soil depth of 20-40cm’s over chalk with a stone content of up to 60%.

Rotations are based on a 1st wheat production, with break crops varying depending on soil types.


Velcourt utilises the most up to date equipment and technology to drive farm production in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.


Grain storage consists of:

  • 10,000t grain store with 60t/hr continuous flow drier
  • 1600t floor store with stirrers and heaters



Cropping for 2016

  Area (ha) Yield t/ha
1ST Wheat 381 9.75
W Oilseed Rape 341 3.5
Winter Barley 227 9.2
Spring Barley (Malt) 333 7.0
Winter Forage Rye 225 40