Fonthill Farms is managed by Velcourt Ltd under a contract farming agreement. They consist of 1530ha of calcareous silty loam with a top soil depth of 20-40cm’s over chalk with a stone content of up to 60%.

Cropping is broad and varied, Wheat and barley being mainstays. Oilseed rape is the main break crop with forage crops grown for local livestock farmers and “naked” oats grown for pet feed also grown. This year grain maize is being grown to feed dairy cows on a nearby farm.

The Farm also provides important habitats for wildlife with over 120ha of arable land dedicated to environmental features. For example: grass buffer strips, ground nesting bird plots and 19ha of mixed crops grown to provide over winter feed to wild birds.

Velcourt uses the latest equipment and technology to drive farm production in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

Grain storage consists of:

  • 10,000t grain store with 60t/hr continuous flow drier
  • 1600t floor store with stirrers and heaters

Cropping for 2018: Area

Cropping for 2018: Yield

Cropping for 2018: Area

1st Wheat = Area (ha): 467

W Oilseed Rape = Area (ha): 328

Winter Barley = Area (ha): 118

Winter Barley Malt = Area (ha): 336

Spring Oats = Area (ha): 101

Grain Maize = Area (ha): 96

Arable Grass Leys = Area (ha): 15

Game Cover = Area (ha): 51

Wild Bird Seed Mixes = Area (ha): 19

Cropping for 2018: Yield

1st Wheat = Yield (t/ha): 9.5

W Oilseed Rape = Yield (t/ha): 3.5

Winter Barley = Yield (t/ha): 8.2

Winter Barley Malt = Yield (t/ha): 7.2

Spring Oats = Yield (t/ha): 4.6

Grain Maize = Yield (t/ha): 8.5

Arable Grass Leys = Yield (t/ha): 25

Game Cover = Yield (t/ha): 0.1

Wild Bird Seed Mixes = Yield (t/ha): 0.1